Meet the Maker: The Vintage Vogue

The Vintage Vogue

The Vintage Vogue homewares

Designer Charlotte Cannon, always had an interest in creating things. From an age as early as eight, her keen eye for design would have her floating her drawings around her apartment complex for some pocket change.

Her love of design led her to study interior architecture and design and soon followed in years of a solid career path at an architecture firm. For Charlotte, the realities of day to day project management and mountains of paperwork left her longing to touch, hold and make beautiful things. 

The Vintage Vogue Charlotte Cannon

In an effort to be based at home for the sake of her family as well as a desire to start to make again, Charlotte created The Vintage Vogue. From her home in Baltimore MD, USA, she would be found sketching, sculpting, painting; keeping those creative juices flowing as she honed in on a direction and found her calling in home decor.

The Vintage Vogue Rain Coasters

Charlotte’s objects of desire include a range of minimalist wooden trays, coasters with artful paint speckles, gold leaf accents and soft muted colour palettes. She sources natural materials such as birch wood, locally sourced soft alpaca fibres and linen textiles that complement her simplistic and thoughtful designs.

As a wife, mother, designer and business owner, Charlotte knows no boundaries, and we look forward to seeing her range of interior products grow from her new Baltimore studio.