Cousu de Fil Blanc

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Cousu de Fil Blanc


The French have long been known for their position in beauty and fashion. For aromatherapist and textile designer, Carole Dichampt, these two worlds naturally collided resulting in the brand cousu de fil blanc, part of the new wave of soap couture.

Everything about Cousu de Fil Blanc’s collection of soaps, candles and aromatherapy sprays is deeply sensory. From exquisite scents derived from a less-than-usual list of ingredients, to beautifully crafted packaging with signature white thread stitching.

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Carole’s love of travel and closeness to nature has inspired a surprising range that draws from natural ingredients including algae, mountain honey, nuts and clay. She is a firm believer of using nature to obtain skin and body benefits, and published “The beauty of natural lazy” in 2012 – a book on making natural beauty products at home.

Cousu de fil blanc body soaps

Like a well curated fashion story, the packages for each collection of three soaps, carry interesting theme names and are presented with harmonious colour palettes and gorgeous prints designed by Carole and good friend paper designer, Caroline Burzynski-Delloye.

Cousu de Fil Blanc soaps and are handmade in France by artisans using traditional soap making methods. They are paraben free, dye free, not tested on animals and are 100% vegetable based. The candle collections are the most recent addition to Cousu de Fil Blanc range and include fifteen unique fragrances, that are inspired by nature’s wonders. Each candle is hand made and poured in France using 100% vegetable soy wax without GMO, with a organic cotton wick and fragrances without phthalates and CMR.