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A half hour drive from the chaotic epicentre of Delhi, sits an unassuming warehouse space that is occupied by some of India’s most talented designers in home and fashion. Sarah Fotheringham and Maninder Singh, creators of Safomasi, are thrilled to be part of a movement of Delhi brands that are shaking up the ideology of what “made in india” means. Sarah’s background as an artist and illustrator and Manner’s experience in fashion and production, created the perfect unison to develop a unique homewares brand that fostered the strengths of local craftsmanship.

Safomasi homewares design

The prints Sarah designs for each collection, reflect the different cultures and influences they have experienced from their travels all over the world. The creative process is organic, and starts from exploring notes, photos, sketches, to mapping out print ideas with pen and paper. Illustrations are further refined and developed into a cohesive set of designs that are a fun and endearing reflection of their impression and experiences.

Safomasi designer Sarah

All their products have been hand made; from initial illustration and fabric screen printing, to sewing and finishing. Safomasi work with a small group of local artisans to hand quilt the bedding and all their cushions and linen is pieced together by their in-house tailors in their Delhi studio.

Safomasi Regatta quilt making

For Sarah and Maninder, they pride themselves on working with highly skilled artisanal families, those who have a deep understanding of their craft, whether it be screen printing or making pom poms. It makes for a collaborative partnership and allows Safomasi to continue to explore and create unique, handmade products that proudly wear the "Made in India" tag.

Safomasi artisans

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