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Phoebe and Delia Langdon are the force behind textiles and homewares brand Langdon LTD. Phoebe's background in textile design has led to an exciting range of earthy, boho rugs, cushions and bags that play on colour, texture and natural fibres. 

The sisters love making beautiful things. To translate their playful designs into textiles, they work closely with some of the finest weavers in India.  All of their textiles and accessories are hand dyed and woven by artisans in India using traditional techniques and the finest materials and metallic threads.  

They have spent a lot of time in India to immerse themselves in the local communities and understand the skills and traditional flat weave techniques of the artisans behind their brand. 

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The making process is done entirely in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan. The cotton is farmed from this area, spun, processed then hand dyed in town. The hands on process means requires dyeing in very small lots and is colour matched by eye. The threads are then spun onto reels and sent out to the villages to be woven on the loom. The metallic thread that has been sourced and used in many of their designs, is the same thread used to embellish the beautiful Indian sarees worn locally. 

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For the girls, it has been quite the rollercoaster ride over the last four years and they continue to learn and grow from strength to strength. The continue to remain motivated to ensure their products are ethically produced and the supply chain is genuine.

Their collaborative approach with their artisans helps them discover different ways of doing things whilst using traditional techniques. The artisans know the Langdon style and particularly enjoy coming up with new ideas that keeps their designs original and unique.

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