Copper Water Carafe with Tumbler Lid

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This handmade copper water carafe is perfect for entertaining guests and keeping at your bedside or work desk. 

Not only does this stylish copper carafe come with bonus tumbler lid, you can also reap Ayurvedic health benefits too. Storing water overnight in a copper vessel and drinking first thing in the morning has been suggested for maintaining good health and removing impurities from the water.

Crafted by a select group of master coppersmiths in Pune, West India, the intricate pattern work is the result of precision hand beating and a keen hand-foot-eye coordination from a single artisan.

Coppre is a social enterprise that aims to preserve the legacy of heritage crafts through a range of contemporary copper homewares. 

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Product Details

  • 10cm diameter, 19cm height
  • 99% uncoated copper
  • Lead free
  • Copper oxodises on exposure to the atmosphere, and will naturally acquire a patina over time
  • Your uncoated water bearers should be washed daily with a soft cloth and a detergent/metal cleaning agent. Wipe dry immediately after washing. It is important to wipe away all traces of water after washing, else the carafe will catch water stains. Washing and wiping on a daily basis will help retain the coppery shine on your product and will also prevent the build-up from the natural oxidation process of copper when it is exposed to the atmosphere
  • Handmade in India