Copper serving tray thali handmade by Coppre

Copper Serving Tray

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This hammered copper serving tray, can be used as a decorative tray or for serving drinks or dry food at parties. Also referred to as a thali tray, its is considered an essential part of Indian culture to serve an elaborate, festive meal when friends and family get together. 

Crafted by a select group of master coppersmiths in Pune, West India, the intricate pattern work is the result of precision hand beating and a keen hand-foot-eye coordination from a single artisan.

Coppre is a social enterprise that aims to preserve the legacy of heritage crafts through a range of contemporary copper homewares. 

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Product Details

  • 31cm diameter
  • 99% uncoated copper 
  • Lead free
  • Handmade in India
  • Copper oxodises on exposure to the atmosphere, and will naturally acquire a patina over time
  • Copper can be used to serve dry food with a lining between the surface and the food