Health benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel

By Curio Team

The idea of drinking water using a copper cup or kept in a copper vessel probably sounds old-fashioned. During the ancient times, storing water, much like cooking food was all done in copper vessels. With its glossy appearance and being an excellent conductor of heat, copper was the preferred kitchen equipment.

Storing water in a copper vesselDrinking from copper everyday, at Coppre's workshops in Pune, India

Travelling through India, we noticed that all the hotels we stayed in would use copper jugs and carafes to store water for drinking. If this is a tradition that has been followed by Indians for hundreds of years, what is the Western world missing out on?

According to one of the holistic Indian traditions, Ayurvedic medicine (Ayurveda), drinking water stored in a copper vessel balances the three doshas (Kapha, Vata and Pitta) in your body. It is advisable to take copper-enriched water after keeping for eight hours preferably on an empty stomach. This tradition is the basis of the body’s balance between health and wellness.

Are you looking for some of the reasons to improve your copper intake?

Considering that the body cannot synthesise copper, here are some of the health benefits you can reap from drinking water from a copper vessel:

  1. Prevents Water-Borne Diseases

Copper-enriched water has excellent antimicrobial properties. As such, water in copper vessels is the most efficient against two of the most common pathogens, E.coli and S. aureus. Copper being the cheapest water purification solution, it prevents diseases such as diarrhoea and dysentery.

  1. Brain Stimulant

The brain works by synaptic transmission of impulses from one neuron to another which are covered by the myelin sheath. Copper is essential in the synthesis of the phospholipids that form the myelin sheaths increasing the brain’s efficiency. Also, copper prevents brain convulsions.

  1. Improves Digestive Functions

Due to its antimicrobial properties, copper kills microorganisms and reduce the inflammation in the stomach. Copper is an excellent solution for stomach ulcers, indigestions and other digestive system infections.  In addition to cleansing and detoxifying the stomach, copper also regulates the functioning of the kidneys.

  1. Aids in weight loss

You probably know how the journey of losing weight is hard. However, drinking water from a copper vessel regularly regulates your digestive system to work better. Also, the body can break down fats and get rid of it more efficiently.

  1. Slows down ageing

Copper has strong anti-oxidant and cell forming properties that get rid of free radicals which cause skin wrinkles. Also, copper helps in the regeneration of new cells that replace dead cells.

  1. Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases and Hypertension

Copper cuts the risk of you developing heart diseases by regulating blood pressure, heart beats, and cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Also, copper ensures proper blood flow to the heart by dilating the blood vessels.

Other health benefits of drinking copper-enriched water include prevention of anaemia, proper functioning of thyroid glands, the formation of melanin, fighting cancer as well as fast healing wounds.


Bedside Water Carafe from Coppre

With so many copper and rose gold home decor on the market, it is important to make sure that you are truly getting a copper vessel and not one that is copper coated or plated. We have tested the beautiful bedside water carafe from Studio Coppre, handmade from their studio in Pune, India. And while we are hoping to reap the Ayurvedic health benefits from drinking water in this copper carafe, this is a statement design piece to keep at your desk or bedside.